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Miltton Europe is the European advisory arm of the Miltton group, offering insight and creative inspiration in the New Nordics. Our purpose is to help Nordic companies, institutions and organizations strengthen their European brand, and promote Nordic ideas and policy solutions across the European continent. Combining cutting-edge communication tools with creative campaigns and efficient trainings, we provide insight and strategic advice, organise events and seminars and assist with internal and external communication related to European issues. The Miltton Europe team offers its clients tailor-made services and solutions that further Nordic cooperation and innovation in European affairs. Based in Brussels, Miltton Europe aims to put its expertise in national and European policymaking to good use, by providing Nordic companies and institutions insights and creative solutions at a time of fundamental change on the European continen.




Kaisa Soro-Pesonen
Managing Director

+32 479 64 99 93

Kaisa Soro-Pesonen is the Managing Director of Miltton Europe and in charge of leading and coordinating analysis and strategic advice on EU affairs.

Soro-Pesonen has over 10 years of experience in EU public affairs and issue management, as well as with delivering policy advice related to legislative processes within the EU institutions and national authorities in the Member States. In addition, she has vast experience in managing partnerships with think tanks and other stakeholders, as well as driving business development.

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Lotta Nymann-Lindegren
Senior Consultant

+45 31 790 048

Lotta Nymann-Lindegren is a senior advisor specialised in EU policy-making and government affairs, including Brexit.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nymann-Lindegren also works in cooperation with Miltton Europe's Danish partner, Holm Kommunikation, bringing the expertise of the Miltton Europe to Danish companies and organisations. She also contributes to strengthening the Nordic public affairs cooperation within Miltton.

Nymann-Lindegren has been active in EU-affairs for nearly two decades, working for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s office. She has covered the EU from many different angles, serving at various departments in Helsinki and at Finnish embassies in Berlin and Copenhagen. Her latest assignment was at the Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU, where she was responsible for general EU policy, relations with EU institutions and staffing, as well as Brexit.

Nymann-Lindegren holds a MA in international relations from the University of Helsinki, and has also studied at the Helsinki Swedish School of Economics. In addition to her training at the Finnish Foreign Service, she has also attended the diplomatic training course of the German Federal Foreign office.

She speaks fluent Finnish, Swedish, German, English, Danish and French.

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Villu Varjas

+32 472 12 37 62

Villu Varjas is an advisor at Miltton Europe. Villu is an expert in EU policy-making and the functioning of the institutions of the European Union.

From 2014 to 2018, Villu worked as presidency advisor at the Estonian Government Office managing projects to prepare for the Estonian Presidency and subsequently as an advisor for interinstitutional affairs at the Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU supporting as an expert the chair of the Working Party on General Affairs.

During his work in European institutions Villu has covered a broad range of policy issues, from highly political unanimity files in general affairs to technical ones in areas such as telecoms, transport, industry or environment.

Villu’s public sector experience is complemented by stints in private sector and even at a multinational military college. This has provided him with a good awareness of different work cultures and ability to adapt his work to the organisation’s needs while making use of the best practices in other sectors.

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Henrique Laitenberger

+32 472 24 43

Henrique Laitenberger works at Miltton Europe as a Trainee. He assists the team with client relations and research.

Previous work experience on his part include internships with a party group at the Hamburg state parliament and a UK Member of Parliament. Additionally, Laitenberger has been active in various political organisations and campaigns on both a national and European level. His special fields of interests are foreign and security policy, political theory, and European integration. He also brings a strong general expertise in EU, German, and British politics, including Brexit.

Laitenberger holds a Master’s degree in Modern British and European History from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, where he is pursuing his PhD. He additionally holds a BA from King’s College London and has been a visiting researcher at the University of Göttingen in Germany. Laitenberger is fluent in German, English, French, and Portuguese, in addition to possessing a working knowledge of Swedish.

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Karin Riis-Jørgensen
Senior Advisor

+45 40 309 816

Karin Riis-Jørgensen has been involved in politics since her youth, acting as a student politician whilst studying at Copenhagen University. Following a law degree in 1978 and a number of years in the private sector, as well as in the European Commission, Riis-Jørgensen became an MEP in 1994 for the Danish Liberal Party (Venstre). She was re-elected in 1999 and – heading the list for the Danish Liberal Party – in 2004.

In Parliament Riis-Jørgensen focused on the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection as well as the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. For many years she was the spokesperson of the ALDE group for competition issues. Karin was deputy chair of the ALDE group and chaired the Danish liberal group from 2002. Throughout her years in the EP Karin also served as a member of the Danish Liberal Party’s national parliamentary executive.

Riis-Jørgensen is the founder and chair of a private organisation, 7Lives, which seeks to put public focus on the need for more voluntary organ donations, with Riis-Jørgensen herself having donated a kidney to a family member. 7Lives has become a key player in the public debate on this issue. Riis-Jørgensen also chairs the Board of the European Privacy Association, and serves on the board of the European Centre for Minority Issues.

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Valter Selén

+32 495 20 13 94

Valter Selén works at Miltton Europe as a Trainee during the first half of 2019 whilst finishing a Double-Degree Master in European Governance at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and University of Konstanz, Germany.

Selén has previously interned at the Swedish Delegation at UNESCO and the OECD in Paris, as well as at the European Parliament offices of the Swedish Liberal Party in Brussels. He has been actively involved in Swedish party politics and has previously worked with Miltton Labs as a freelance researcher. His areas of interest include European governance and integration, Nordic cooperation, and geopolitics, where he is specialized in rule of law, differentiated integration, regional cooperation and regulatory enforcement.

Selén holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Economics from Lund University, and is currently writing his Master’s thesis on the role of different lobbying styles in achieving operational success during his traineeship at Miltton. He is concurrently in the last phases of co-writing a chapter in a book by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Seibel on the impact of governmental organizational structures on crisis management capabilities, as a part of a research assistant position at University of Konstanz.

Selén is fluent in English and Swedish, and speaks conversational French alongside basic German.

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