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Miltton Brussels offers a comprehensive chain of services, including monitoring, decision-making and lobbying our customers’ interests at all levels of the decision-making process, from EU policies to national implementation. Our advisors are professionals in both EU and national policy, as well as in business culture, and assist companies in taking advantage of the potential offered by effective EU public affairs.

Miltton Group has been present in Brussels since 2014, but in October 2015 Miltton Brussels was officially launched by Ambassador Jan Store. Miltton Brussels is co-owned by Miltton Group and the Danish agency Holm Kommunikation.

The Miltton Group consists of Miltton Networks, Miltton Creative, Miltton Singapore, Miltton Labs, Miltton Brussels and Miltton Markets. Together they form one of the largest, most diversified and fastest growing brand, PR and marketing communications group in the Nordics.




Jan Store

+32 478 941 198

Jan Store is CEO of Miltton Brussels and in charge of leading and coordinating analysis and advisory services on EU affairs, as well as support in lobbying efforts.

Ambassador Store has gained comprehensive experience and knowledge of the European Union across more than over 25 years. He acted as Finland’s permanent representative to the EU from 2008 to 2013, and was deputy permanent representative from 1995 to 2000. Between these posts, he served as Director General for European Affairs in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki and Finland’s ambassador to Poland from 2004 to 2008. Before that, Store was a member of the team negotiating Finland’s membership of the EU. He has also served in Paris (OECD) and Geneva.

Store has an exceptionally comprehensive understanding of the European Union and of the long-standing Nordic cooperation on EU matters. He has gained prominent views on many different aspects, principles and sectors related to European integration across several high-level positions.
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Antton Rönnholm
Senior Advisor

+32 484 694 767

Antton Rönnholm is in charge of conducting analysis and drafting plans on lobbying efforts on EU affairs and international organisations.

Rönnholm is an expert on lobbying both at the national and EU-level. He has previously worked in Brussels for the European Parliament, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, the South Stream offshore pipeline project and as a researcher for the Centre for European Policy Studies. Furthermore, in Finland, Rönnholm has acted as an advisor or head of cabinet for Ministers of Finance, Communication, Education and Science and to the Speaker of the Parliament. His expertise includes the sectors of infrastructure, energy, media and digitalisation.

Rönnholm is a keen follower of international politics and economics and has developed a sensitivity to understand a variety of cultural contexts. He is active in several NGOs and has extensive experience in working with trade unions and other organisations at an international level. Rönnholm graduated from Åbo Akademi University and the College of Europe and did his traineeship at the European Commission.
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Meri Löyttyniemi
Senior Advisor

+32 474 924 393

Meri Löyttyniemi acts as Miltton Brussels’ senior advisor.

Löyttyniemi has considerable experience in sustainability and environmental management. Since 2010, she has worked as Aalto University´s sustainability manager, being responsible for reporting on sustainable development, the promotion of corporate social responsibility, education and research, as well as the implementation of a sustainable campus. Currently she has a leave of absence.

Löyttyniemi lectures regularly on sustainability and acts as chair of the Nordic Sustainable Campus Network (NSCN). In the past, her duties have included, for example, the Helsinki World Athletics Championships 2005 environmental program, TKK Dipoli OtaEco-congresses as well as assisting MEP Heidi Hautala.

Positions of trust in politics, sports organisations and NGOs are based on versatile expertise; additionally Löyttyniemi has had a successful sports career in basketball. Her strengths include stakeholder engagement, diligence and a solution-oriented approach.
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Matti Rantanen

+32 479 980 138

Matti Rantanen is Miltton Brussels’ Advisor responsible for assignments, analyses and communications concerning the EU. He is stationed in Brussels.

Rantanen has a strong background as a political advisor and builder of Nordic and international networks. His previous experience includes holding the position of Secretary General for the conservative group at the Nordic Council and Officer of International Affairs at the National Coalition Party in Finland. In addition, he has worked in sales and marketing.

Rantanen is a natural networker, who is at home in an international setting, be it with societal or business actors. He has an entrepreneurial and customer-oriented approach to his work, and his strengths include perceiving the big picture.
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Kati Temonen
Project Coordinator

+32 472 501 929

Kati Temonen is a Project Coordinator at Miltton Brussels and is responsible for following EU decision-making and managing customer relations.

With nearly a decade of international experience, Temonen has built essential skills for working in diverse settings. Before joining Miltton, she worked at the European Commission, Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Temonen holds a Master’s from the University of Helsinki and an MA from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Her academic background is in international relations and history, with a specialisation in EU studies. She is also an alumna of Lester B. Pearson United World College in Canada.

To broaden her knowledge in questions related to EU politics and economy, Temonen has been involved in a Brussels-based think-tank on EU affairs, FutureLab Europe.
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